IRLP Node 8428
Echolink Node 745821

146.925 - / 443.925 + / tone 107.2
IRLP node 8428 / Echolink node 745821
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The system is off the air right now due to interference from 462.400 MHz. We are working on multiple potential solutions. Stay tuned.

Newsline is back! Mondays at 8:30 pm Eastern


K9AWM hosts a wide area net on the IRLP Crossroads Reflector Thursday nights at 8 pm Eastern and linked on the EARS Repeater Network.


IRLP & EchoLink

Dial * before EchoLink node to access Echolink

Dial the 4 digit IRLP node to access IRLP

Dial 73 to disconnect either

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145.150 in Ft. Branch/Evansville is now a part of the
W9WIN Repeater Network, not EARS.

EARS is a member of the Indiana Repeater Council,
a part of the National Frequency Coordination Council.

EARS is also a member the Indiana Radio Club Council,
and an ARRL Affiliated Club.

US Naval Observatory UTC time is now

This RingSurf Amateur Radio Net Ring site is
owned by Electronic Applications Radio Service (EARS).

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